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(Left - Right) Charlene Hurst and Aisha Haynes
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On December 27, 2010, Executive Order (EO) 13562 entitled "Recruiting and Hiring Students and Recent Graduates" was signed by the President. This order established a comprehensive structure to enable more competitiveness in recruiting and hiring talented individuals who are in school or who have recently received a degree. As a result of this EO NOAA no longer supports or administers the Graduate Sciences Program.

The Executive Order directs the Office of Personnel Management to consolidate student and recent graduate programs into the Pathways Program framework which has three program paths that are tailored to recruit, train, and retain well-qualified candidates. The three Pathways Programs are the: Internship Program, Recent Graduates Program, and Presidential Management Fellows Program. For additional information on the Pathways Program please see Executive Order 13562 at

Over the last 12 years NOAA GSP has appointed students under Schedule B, 5 CFR § 213.3202, of the Student Educational Employment Program. The type of appointment was to the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) which allowed NOAA to convert a trainee who completed their graduate degree requirements to a position in the competitive service. As a result of Executive Order 13562, SCEP was eliminated in July 2012.

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