Program Goal

The goal of the Educational Partnership Program with Minority Serving Institutions is to increase the number of students from underrepresented communities who are educated, trained and graduated in fields that directly support NOAA's mission.

Program Overview

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Educational Partnership Program with Minority Serving Institutions (EPP/MSI) is aimed at increasing programs and opportunities for individuals to pursue applied research and education in atmospheric, oceanic, and environmental sciences and remote sensing technology, in support of NOAA's mission.

EPP/MSI Components

1. EPP/MSI Cooperative Science Centers
These Centers advance education and collaborative research with NOAA, as well as graduate students and build capacity in NOAA-mission sciences at Minority Serving Institutions. Each Center is lead by a Minority Serving Institution and partnered with a NOAA Line Office. Together, the centers include 22 university campuses.
2. Undergraduate Scholarship Program
This scholarship program provides NOAA internships and one-on-one mentoring to increase the number of students, particularly from underrepresented minority communities, who attend Minority Serving Institutions and graduating with degrees in fields integral to NOAA's mission. Each scholar receives up to $35,000 for two academic years to cover the costs of actual tuition and fees and other allowable expenses.
3. Graduate Sciences Program
Over the last 12 years NOAA EPP/MSI Graduate Sciences Program (GSP) appointed students under Schedule B, 5 CFR § 213.3202, of the Student Educational Employment Program. For the period 2000 - 2012, fifty nine (59) GSP participants were hired by NOAA.

The type of appointment used by the GSP was to the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) which allowed NOAA to convert a trainee who completed their graduate degree requirements to a position in the competitive service. As a result of Executive Order 13562, SCEP was eliminated in July 2012 and NOAA EPP/MSI no longer supports the Graduate Scholarship Program.

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